Surrender Hill is an Americana/Country Duo made up of singer songwriters Robin Dean Salmon and Afton Seekins.

The Duo/Couple was formed in Sedona, AZ  in 2014. Robin and Afton met in 2013 in Northern Arizona while performing music in many of the same clubs. Both are singer songwriters and were pushing their music independently. Their paths crossed often and a friendship ensued which led to a collaboration not only in music but in life. In March of 2014 Robin and Afton started writing and performing together. As their musical partnership developed so did their personal relationship. They moved into a one room cabin in the small frontier town of Camp Verde and wrote feverishly and began work on Surrender Hill's debut album. For the next year Robin and Afton would write and record and perform roughly 200 shows. In March of 2015 they packed up their 1998 Dodge Van, affectionately known as “Blue Betty” and embarked on a 7 week tour through Texas and the Southeast. Most of their nights were spent in the van or in a camp site. Their tour landed them in Atlanta, Georgia where they decided to settle for a while to explore the music scene of the Southeast.  

Their Debut Album was released April 15, 2015. Surrender Hill is currently splitting their time between Atlanta, Ga and Nashville, TN.