Sedona, AZ-based Americana duo Surrender Hill (husband and wife team Robin Dean Salmon and Afton Seekins)  released their third album, Tore Down Fences, on February 2, 2018. A roots-rock album filled with guitars, harmonized vocals, organ, and the occasional burst of pedal steel, Tore Down Fences pushes Surrender Hill into harder, grittier territory. Together, the songs paint the picture not only of a band that's reached its creative peak, but a relationship that's built on trust, twang, and creative chemistry. All 13 songs on the album were tracked in two days, with Salmon producing the sessions in a Nashville recording studio.

Like the two records that came before it —2015's self-titled debut and 2017's Right Here Right Now — Tore Down Fences is an album about relationships, delivered from the perspective of two songwriting partners who have weathered their own share of breakups and missteps before crossing paths. Unlike those previous records, though, this album focuses not on the romantic "honeymoon period" of a relationship, but on the challenges they faced before the pair got together. It explores the reality of romance: the good, the bad, the bright, and the dark.

"On our earlier records, it was clear that we were two people who'd fallen in love and were writing songs together," says Salmon, who splits the album's vocal and songwriting duties with Seekins. "There was a lot of love going on. This new record is interesting because we've been together long enough, both personally and professionally, to start exploring some of the darkness from our lives before we got together. We're focusing on how great it feels to be past that. There's still a lot of love on this album, but it comes from a darker point of view. It's about what we went through, what we did, and what we overcame."

Prior to forming Surrender Hill, songwriters Robin Dean Salmon and Afton Seekins chased their own muses as solo artists. Salmon was an award-nominated punk rock frontman who'd grown up in South Africa and Texas listening to a cross-cultural mix of Bob Wills, the Sex Pistols, Marty Robbins and the Clash. He launched the band See No Evil soon after high school, and later moved the group to New York City, landing a major-label deal with Sony Music in the process. A decade later, though, Salmon found

himself drawn to the rootsy sounds he'd heard as a child on the ranch, and he relaunched a career as an alt-country songwriter, eventually crossing paths with Seekins while playing shows in Sedona. Meanwhile, Seekins grew up splitting her time between an Alaskan fishing village and an Arizona frontier town. Throughout it all, she honed her talent for dancing, eventually moving to New York during her 20s and finding success as a choreographer. Unable to resist the need to pursue songwriting, she later headed back to Arizona, where she turned the contents of her personal journal into the lyrics of her very first songs.

Separately, Salmon and Seekins are strong, sharp-voiced musicians, with songs inspired by their colorful and unusual backgrounds. Together, they're something bigger: a soulful, countrified duo whose music nods not only to America's rural pockets, but also to the world at large. Surrender Hill boasts an annual touring schedule of 200 shows spread across much of the globe. They've played bars, ballrooms, American wineries, and South African resorts, often trying out new songs in front of live audiences.

"Surrender Hill creates an effectively homey vibe on their rootsy new "Tore down Fences." a welcoming environment built on a comfortable blend of country, rock and soul." Chuck Campbell - Knoxville News Sentenal

"These two ain’t about clichés – they’re singing for Everyman and they can definitely pull that off on this solid Americana entry." BILL LOCEY - ROCK N ROLL CALL

"Salmon's voice has just the right amount of spit for country/folk music and Seekins adorns hers with small touches of nasal twang. Their new album departs from script with songs that generally exude more contentment than most country albums." - OFF CENTER REVIEWS


"Together, they radiate a lot of positive energy"

"Undeniably absorbing listening" - FATEA MAG -

"Sweet ballads that evoke western horizons and tenderness" - ROOTS HIGHWAY -

"Americana Country with a lot of Soul"

Surrender Hill is a music duo out of Sedona, Arizona. The duo started performing together in 2014 and is made up of South Africa and Texas raised Sony Recording Artist, Robin Dean Salmon and singer songwriter, Afton Seekins, who hails from the great state of Alaska and raised in Arizona.

"The most striking feature on Surrender Hill's album is the merging of the individual voices of Robin and Afton" - Rootstime - Music Report

Surrender Hill's sophmore album, “Right Here Right Now”, was released on January 7, 2017. The album debuted at #218 on the Americana Music Association Chart and is climbing steadily. "Right Here Right Now" was recorded at Eastwood Studios in Nashville, TN. Produced by Eric Fritsch and Robin Salmon, the album features a fantastic lineup of musicians including Paul Griffith on Drums, Eric Fritsch on bass and Mike Daly on pedal steel.

Surrender Hill's debut was released in April of 2015 and the duo has toured internationally since. The debut album was recorded in Sedona, AZ with additional recording, mixing and mastering done in Nashville, TN. All of the songs on both albums were penned by Seekins and Salmon.

Surrender Hill's sound is acoustic guitar and vocal driven with lasting hooks and melodies, a comfortable blend of Americana, Country and Roots Rock. The songs are laced with thought provoking, introspective, and at times, intensely personal lyrics, mostly inspired by their life together.

Although this is Surrender Hill's second release, it is Robin Salmon's 12th album release. Salmon has spent his life working as a performing songwriter, musician and producer. He has 2 album releases with Epic/Sony Records and 8 albums released on various Indie labels. Robin has been nominated for 2 New York Music Awards and has performed throughout the United States, Europe and South Africa. Robin's touring and recording career has been extensive and he has worked with a very diverse group of artists such as Rodney Crowell and Cyndi Lauper to Modern English, Al Perkins and Kenny Vaughn.

"Salmon should be the poster boy for the Americana-Roots music movement that can only be described as real and honest music. " - Dan Engler - Kudos

Afton Seekins is no stranger to the stage. In addition to being a performing singer-songwriter, Seekins spent 8 years in New York City working as a professional dancer and choreographer. Her work has been featured on networks such as MTV, VH1 and NBC.